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green labelEco? Of course! ... And Effective.

Stop-off Coating Against Carburizing – Water-based

  • Highly effective stop-off protection for use with vacuum or gas carburizing.
  • Temperatures up to 1900°F and depth up to 0,125" depending on the coating thickness.
  • Applied by painting, dipping and spraying (airless system).
  • To clean parts after carburizing simply wash them with soap and water.
  • The tools can be cleaned the same way. Removal of the product is ecologically safe.


1 gallon 11 lbs.
5 gallons 55 lbs.
55 gallon barrels 605 lbs.

Carburizing Stop-Off

New Copper Label from AVION

At half the price of Condursal 710.

Think of the money you could be saving. Just another way AVION is helping their customers' bottom line.

Copper Label Carburizing Stop-off Coating

New Copper Label from AVION

  • Extremely effective stop-off paint for gas carburizing.
  • Can be used for case depths up to .120"
  • Save time with one coat coverage.
  • Maybe brushed, dipped, or sprayed.
  • Copper Label is free of solvents and will not glaze the inside of your furnace.


The One-Formulation "Do All" Stop-Off Coating for All Heat Treating Processes

Blue Label Stop-off coating against nitriding – water-based

Highly effective protection against nitriding by one or more applications depending on the requirements. The product should not be heated above 400°F without a protective gas atmosphere. After nitriding, the residue may be removed with a cloth or stiff brush. Clean up tools with soap and warm water.

Nitriding Stop Off CoatingsFEATURES

  • Fluidized bed nitriding
  • Vacuum, gas & pack carburizing
  • Salt bath treatment
  • Carbonitriding
  • Scale & decarburization control


  • 100% effective for all processes and metals and almost all case thicknesses
  • Water-based, safe and easy-to-use
  • Paintable like house paint
  • Abrasion-resistant, hard coating
  • Easy tool cleanup with water
  • Easily removed after processing
  • Applicable even for alloy steels, such as the 8000 series (i.e.,8160)


  • Treat like ordinary house paint.
  • Resuspend the coating.
  • Clean the surface of oils, scale, etc.
  • Apply 2 to 3 coatings by brush or air spray.
  • Allow to thoroughly dry below 170 F.
  • Place into use up to 2000 F.


Pints and quarts


NDB Stop OffNDB Stop-Off Coating

NDB Stop-off coating is a "Do All" coating for heat treating, being effective for all nitriding, carburizing, and carbonitriding atmospheres. NDB is a safe, easy to-use water-based 100% inorganic ceramic formulation that provides a hard, abrasion resistant barrier layer on all metals. NDB is proven effective for fluidized bed processing where abrasion resistance is mandatory, but can also be used in conventional furnaces. Apply like ordinary house paint by brushing, spraying or dipping. Remove residues after use by using steel brush, bead-grit blasting or other mechanical means. There are no environmental and flammability problems like those of solvent-based stop-offs.


1 gallon pails and quarts




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