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furnace chainsFurnace Chains for Multipurpose Chamber Furnaces

Your Choice: Expensive ... Or AVION.

AVION transfer chains are specifically designed for multipurpose chamber furnaces, sized to your individual batch weights.

Type EURO:

The standard chain, same design as IPSEN-chains, globally approved. Highly heat-resistant chain, mainly for use in carburizing, carbonitriding and hardening work. (Material 50 % RA 310 / 50 % RA 330)

Type ULTRA: type ultra

The reinforced chain for universal use at quenching and tempering, hardening and carbonitriding. The charge weight can be
increased by at least 25 % depending on the equipment. Only one alloy is used for the chain. (Material RA 310 / 1.4845)


The light one, mainly for the use at quenching and tempering of relatively low weights and high volume. (Material RA 310)

All links are welded, except three end links which are splinted at one side for easy shortening of the chains.

LENGTHS/PITCH:furnace chains

100 links
1 5/8"
76 links 2 ½"

Further lengths and repair links upon request.

CYCLONIC Burner Tips

Get the twist!CYCLONIC burner tips align=

In the CYCLONIC burner tip design, the drill holes are shaped in an angled fashion to produce a helical flame pattern. The swirling motion heats the radiant tube more efficiently and heat accumulation at single points is reduced; this provides more uniform heat distribution and better tube life.

Additional flame breakers are no longer necessary and consequently subsequent costs are avoided!

By improved design the CYCLONIC burner tip increases the heat efficiency of the burners by at least 10 %; with adjustment an improvement of more than 25% is possible. By using the highly heat-resistant high-grade steel RA 330 the resistance of the CYCLONIC burner tip against oxidization is quadrupled in comparison with other products and the melting point is higher.

MATERIAL:furnace parts

  • Heat-resistant high-grade steel
  • US standard RA 330 (1.4864)
Typ ACB-10 connection 3/4" and 1"
85,500 BTU
Typ ACB-20 connection 1"
102,000 BTU

All sizes are immediately available.

CYCLONIC Burner Tips:

• Flame breakers are unnecessary
• Easy exchange
• More efficient heat effect

Ventilating Fans

AVION circulating fans ULTRAThe Wind of Change

AVION ULTRA circulating fans – the low-priced ventilation unit without the vibration.

ULTRA fans are made of heat-resistant alloy RA 330. ULTRA ventilating fans are always heat treated, x-rayed and examined for smooth operation prior to delivery. The life of the fans of 520 mm and 610 mm may be considerably increased by reduction of the motor revolutions to 750 rpm.


18 ½"
470 mm
20 ½" 520 mm
24" 610 mm


Heat-resistant stainless steel, US standard RA 330 (1.4864)

MOTOR WITH COOLING FLANGEMotor with cooling Flang - 2 speed settings

2 speed settings

17.000 BTU
1430 rpm
10,9 A
5.800 BTU
960 rpm
4,7 A

Suitable for all diameters

All circulating fans are always available ex stock.

SC Fans

Avion Circulating fans for SC style furnaces

AVION Circulating fans for SC style furnaces — the economical alternative for your furnace without vibration.

AVION SC Fans are made of heat resistant alloy HU/CB.

SC Ventilating Fans are heat treated, x-rayed and balanced dynamically for smooth operation prior to delivery.

SC furnace rollers are made of HK alloy, to provide excellent wear resistance as well as essential heat resistance.

Rollers are well balanced and aligned for smooth operation on the loading cart or in the furnace.

Muffles IPSEN T4 brickwork and MulSiC

Furnace Hearth and Muffle Parts Made of Silicon Carbide/Mullite Composition

The relatively new generation silicon carbide and Mullite (MulSiC) mixture demonstrates essential advantages in comparison to pure forms of SiC or Mullite muffle parts, primarily used for furnace construction or repairs.

The essential advantage is the excellent resistance against so-called "glazing," the hardening of the surface by means of glass type residues.

Pure SiC shows a long life and a high resistance against thermal shock. However, it is very susceptible to the "glazing effect", causing irregular granular growth, reduced passage and consequently early failure.

Pure Mullite is almost totally resistant to glazing, however, it only has a very short life, particularly with exposure to frequent temperature changes.

In cooperation with our partners we succeeded in mixing these two materials to a very specific recipe which combines the advantages of both components in one material. The result is a high-quality material with long life at an extremely attractive price.

T65 MulSiC

Max. process temperature
160 – 170 lbs/ft³
14 – 18 %


Excellent properties for frequent temperature changes.


T65 is recommended for use where a long life, high resistance against abrasion as well as a high thermal conductivity are required.


TQ 4 RTQ 8
T 7 TQ 5  
T 9 TQ 6  
T 11 TQ 7  
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