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Graphite Insulation

Combined heat conduction, protection and insulation lining for vacuum furnaces

Graphite Insulation is a newly developed composite material made of the most modern graphite materials, combining the advantages of graphite insulation and armouring in one easy to handle board. By means of a specially developed crystal welding process, both materials are joined. More expensive CFC boards can be replaced economically.

graphite insulationThe Advantages of Graphite Insulation are:

  • Possible energy reduction of 20% by reduced heating and cooling intervals
  • High mechanical protection with high insulation properties
  • Reduction of lining intervals
  • No reduction of insulation properties after damage of robust protective layer
  • Considerable reduction of dusting
  • Easy assembly, simply cut with standard wood-working tools
  • One board = triple effect

graphite insulationAvailable in 24" x 47" and 40" x 60", as well as 1", 1.5", and 2" thickness

Maintenance of the insulation properties continues even after damage – look at the example to the right of 500 cycles after damage by a forklift truck.


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